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Partly because it was one of the first, partly due to its simplicity, and also partly because of its memorable address, is, nowadays, the best known social bookmarking service. However, to a newcomer, its initial appearance may be intimidating, which inspired this guide...


Registration is quite simple. In the initial page, there is the following section:

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where you simply fill in the values, and click on "Register". Afterwards, you will be required to prove that you're a human, by typing in the numbers which appear in a distorted image (this prevents someone from writing a program which registers 100 different accounts in a matter of seconds). Finally, should automatically detect which browser you are using, and it will give you some instructions for adding "add to" and "my" buttons to your browser. These buttons aren't required, but they make using even easier; for instance, Firefox gets buttons like these:

Delicious 04's instructions on how to add the buttons are very clear and simple, and include pictures on how to do it in each browser, so I will not reproduce them here.


In the case of Firefox, for instance, when clicking on the "add to" button, a window like this will appear:

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In this example, several tags are already suggested, due to the large number of people who have added this particular bookmark (one more advantage of the social part: it saves work!). It's simply a question of changing anything you want (in this case, for instance, I'd change the "description" to something simpler, such as "Wikipedia"), and click on "save".

Anyway, the buttons are optional - it is possible to use without them, in the following way:

And there's more...

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