1- Do not use Internet Explorer

To a great many Windows users, this suggestion will seem to make no sense. "How do I access the Internet, then?"

Without going into a lot of detail, Internet Explorer (IE) is a web browser, usually just referred to as a "browser". It's a browser - meaning, it's one of them, there are others. IE, which has been a part of Windows for some years now, is a browser which has a large history of security problems, which are lessened by keeping Windows up to daye (see suggestion 2), but not completely eliminated.

A lot of spyware installs itself, without knowledge or authorization by the user, through Internet Explorer. Merely using it to browse the Internet tends to make a PC become infested with spyware in a short time.

IE has only two valid uses: downloading another browser, and updating Windows (once again, see suggestion 2).

Which other browser should you use? Personally, I recommend Mozilla Firefox, but Opera is also an excellent, secure and easy to use browser.


Some programs add features to Internet Explorer, but continue to use it internally, and, therefore, keep all of its security problems. A few examples of those are Avant Browser and Netcaptor. For security reasons, it's much better to use browsers completely independent from IE, such as Firefox or Opera.

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