Scorpio horoscope

"Live your life with a passion;"
  Everything you do, do well."

       - Steve Harris

"It only makes sense that every facet of our daily lives should depend upon the position of celestial bodies hundreds of millions of miles away."
       - Calvin, "Calvin & Hobbes"

"I am the master of my fate;
  I am the captain of my soul."

       - William Ernest Henley

What, were you expecting something different? Sorry, wrong place. :) Thinking critically is not only our right, and our greatest power, but also our moral obligation - and, if you did it for even 5 minutes in your life, you wouldn't believe in astrology or horoscopes, and wouldn't need or even want the illusory escape from responsibility and reality they bring.

"Your life is your own. Rise up and live it."
       - Terry Goodkind